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Elevation Certificate

The sole focus at Mass Flood Elevation Certificates, LLC, is to provide Elevation Certificates  to you at the most competitive prices, turnover rates, professionalism, and quality.

We are specialists – we do nothing but Elevation Certificates throughout Massachusetts.  This is what makes our pricing, timing, and quality of work so competitive.  Another reason is that we use GPS technology, the most advanced and fastest technology available to complete Elevation Certificates.

All Elevation Certificates are completed by a Licensed Civil Engineer, ensuring a high quality of work and professionalism.


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We have found that the most common situation where homeowners need an Elevation Certificate is when they are trying to buy or sell a property, or have just learned that flood insurance is required.  During this process, they are told that the home is in a flood zone, and they will have to pay a large flood  insurance premium every year.  In these situations, the homeowner can hire an engineer to perform an Elevation Certificate.  We may find that the home is actually above the flood zone.  In these cases, the flood insurance requirement is eliminated.  In most other cases, the flood premium amount can be lowered.

At Mass Flood Elevation Certificates, LLC, we are focused on making this process as easy and fast for you as possible. Elevation Certificates are completed in a very timely manner.

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